(1000mg) Indica Fruit Infused Gummies By TheraLife

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Brand: Theralife

TheraLife THC Indica Fruit Infused Gummies

20 x 50mg CBD Per Gummy = 1000mg Total per bag

Individual gummies for precise and easy dosing.

Uses: Indica dominant THC is great for managing pain, inducing and promoting restful sleep, creates muscle relaxation and reduces muscle spasms. Can be very helpful in treating mood disorders, depression, anxiety (in optimal doses), reduces nausea, increases appetite, and can be used for alleviating addiction symptoms or withdrawal side effects related to addiction. THC is a major substance used in conjunction with chemo and radiation treatments for cancer.

Flavours: Blue Raspberry & Blackberry

Medical Ingredients: THC Indica Distillate

Directions: Ingest one gummy in the evening. Wait 60 mins before re-dosing. Adjust dose as most appropriate for you.

Tip: Finding your optimal dose is key. Taking too large of a dose can sometimes be counter productive and not be as optimally therapeutic. Start low and titrate your dose slowly upwards.

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