Primal Herbs Coffee CBD Elixir by Rise & Grind

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Brand: Rise & Grind

Energize & Recover

Rise & Grind created the best Primal herb elixir single dose beverage designed to give your body energy, recover from inflammation, and boost natural testosterone production all packaged in a convenient easy to consume packet.

Rise & Grind primal herbs offers you that morning cup of coffee with a WHOLE lot more. We took your average 1000mg cup of caffeine and added some special extras.

•Herbs to boost libido, mood, and adrenal fatigue.

•Mushrooms to support brain function and respiratory function. (non psychoactive)

•CBD to calm the mind while recovering inflammation

•Chocolate and sweeteners to make it enjoyable to consume.

Ingredients: Each 4 gram serving comes with: Spray Dried Coffee (1000mg) Raw Cacao Powder 500mg) Mucuna Pruriens (250mg) Bulbine Natalensis (250mg) Horny Goat Weed (250mg) Rhodiola (250mg) cordyceps (250mg) Lions Mane Mushroom extract (250mg) CBD powder (250mg)

Directions: Dissolve in 10oz. of liquid.

Best Served: Use your favorite milk source or hot water.

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