Reishi Hot Chocolate CBD Elixir by Rise & Grind

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Brand: Rise & Grind

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Looking for a beverage solution before bed, perhaps something that will help you drift off into the night?

Our CBD hot chocolate elixir is convenient for easy consumption. Rise & Grind Reishi and lions mane hot chocolate is delicious and perfect for evening recovery. We couldn’t just stop at chocolate so we added a few other goodies:

•Reishi mushroom extract to help boost immunity and support deep sleep.

•Raw cacao is packed with antioxidants and a great aphrodisiac before bed.

•CBD to calm the mind while recovering from inflammation.

•Monk fruit, old dutch hot chocolate, and vanilla cater as the perfect sweeteners to make it super yummy.

Ingredients: Each 3.5 grams serving comes with: Cocoa Powder (1500mg) Raw Cacao (1500mg) Monk fruit (100mg) Lions Mane (150mg) Reishi Mushroom Extract (150mg) Cinnamon (40mg) CBD powder (25mg) Vanilla powder (10mg)

Directions: mix with 10oz. of liquid.

Best Served: Use your favorite milk choice or hot water.

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